Thursday, October 15, 2009

September 21st - 25th, The Senses

C is for Can't seem to stay Caught up! In all seriousness...welcome back! Sorry for the absence. We've been so busy having fun here there's been no time left over for blogging!

This week we spent time learning about our senses. Kristy was on vacation most of this week so Misty spent the week helping us learn all about our hearing, sight and taste. Below you can see us experimenting with glass jars and the different sounds they make when they are filled with different amounts of water.

Mom and Dad: Kids at this age love to show you that they are noticing the world around them and using their quickly developing senses. Do you notice that your kids will hear the dog bark or the train whistle that you have learned to tune out? Encourage your children to listen for and identify different sounds they are interested in. Encourage them to try different types of flavors (sweet, salty, sour). Provide "tactile" objects and materials for them to play with: sand or salt for finger drawing, egg cartons and different type of material for walking on, play dough and finger paint made out of various materials. (I have some great "recipes" I'll try to get posted on here!)

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