Thursday, October 15, 2009

C is for Cow, D is for Duck, Sept 28 - Oct 9

These two weeks we spent learning all about the farm and what FUN that was! We learned about what happens on a farm and what the farmers do. We spent lots of time learning about farm animals: cows, horses, chickens, ducks, pigs and sheep. Some of the activities we did these two weeks included:

Painting with Buttermilk and Chalk (dipping the chalk in buttermilk before you color with it makes it stick better to the paper)
Making our own Scarecrow (stuffing newpaper into a "farmer's" clothes)
Acting like animals
Listening to animal sounds and guessing what they were
Making butter (take whipping cream and shake it like crazy until butter forms. It has to be at room temperature to work though!)
Making A Horse of a different color (Pinning clothes pin legs on various colored horse shapes)
Played with different types of feathers
Walked like Chickens and Ducks
Made Patterns out of Animal Tracks
Painted our own farm scene on carboard then built on it with blocks and play animals
Sorted out which animals live on the farm and which don't
Deviled Eggs and Pigs in a Blanket
Drop the Feather Game

The hit of the week however was the SONGS! We learned Old MacDonald had a Farm, B-I-N-G-O and the Farmer in the Dell. The Chicken Dance was also a HUGE hit! Daily requests for singing time almost first thing every morning!

Drop the feather, also provided great opportunity for feeling different TYPES of feathers.
The Chicken Dance
Even the little ones love circle time!

Working on our scarecrow

Painting our farm.

Other fun things you could do at home to reinforce what we learned at school:

*Have your child dictate a "cow tale" or a "horse tale" to you. Have them tell a story about a cow or a horse and write it on a cow or a horse shape. Verbal and creative thinking skills will be reinforced with this project!
*Sorting seeds: Do you have seeds leftover from the garden or flower beds? Mix them together and let your child sort through them with tweezers. Have them sort them by size, shape, color or type into muffin tins or another divided container. This helps develop great pre-math skills.
*Clop, Clop: Provide different types of blocks and a plank of wood. Let them experiment to find the best "clopping" sound.
*Pig tails: Make piggies tails out of pipe cleaners by shaping around a pencil.
*Paper Plate Pigs: Make pig masks from paper plates, use small paper cups or section of TP tubes for snouts.
*Pretty in Pink: Let the kids mix red and white paint with their fingers to make pink and then paint with it.

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