Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tired Boy!

You know it's been a fun playful morning when....

Picasso in Training

Today was SO cool! We pulled out a large heavy sheet of paper and let the kids all paint together. The picture started out completely different than it ended up. Everyone was doing their own thing, but they decided they wanted to COVER the paper with color instead. It was really cool as the picture blended together. I then saw the perfect opportunity to talk about color blending, but they taught me something instead! They told me all about the volcano they made (the purple part) and how it was exploding (red colors) into the ocean below (blue at the bottom of the picture! How cool, creative and expressive they are! I hung this one up for about a month before the tape finally wore out :)

Little Authors

Miss Carrie brought us books and stickers so we could write our own stories! The kids had a ball with this activity. They "wrote" their own stories using crayons, stickers...whatever. Then they told us the stories and we transcribed the stories into their books. Their favorite part? Reading the stories back to us!

Snowman Building

OK, so I know it's April and probably not Kosher to post snow pictures, but since it's supposed to snow again this week....what the heck!

The kids LOVE to play in the snow. We try to go out as often as we can. On this day we had the perfect snow for a snowman! It was great fun to jump in there with them and bring Frosty to life in our own backyard!

3D Art

Kids love to do art with just about anything! 3D objects are especially fun. And it's so neat to see what they can come up with. This particular day we did art with contact paper. The kids put whatever they wanted on the sticky side of clear contact paper. We then covered it with another clear piece and voila...they have their own version of a stained glass window! It's so valuable for kids to have the freedom to create art how they want to!

The older girls, ever my creative ones, decided to make bug playgrounds! I would have never thought of something that cool, but the detail was fabulous and they had a grand time putting it together!Cass loves the camera! Whenever I pull it out she's the first in line to give me a grin! Let it shine sweetie!

Fun with Ramps!

Who knew a few pieces of wood and a bunch of ping pong balls could be so much fun! The older girls especially loved setting up the ramps in various configurations all over the living room. This would be a great activity to get the whole family involved in and you could use almost anything lying around the house. There is also a lot of potential for discussions on science here! Plus you have to admit the kids would probably much rather play with "found items" than their toys on any given least that's how it is here! Just beware, you'll be finding balls in the strangest places for weeks!