Sunday, September 20, 2009

B is for our Bodies, Sept 14 - 18

This week we learned about our Bodies and some of the senses we have. We learned that we all look different and can change the way we look by dressing differently too! We learned about our sense of touch and experimented with the sensations of ice and cloth and salt drawing. (If you want to do this at home, take table salt, sand or some other type of sensory material and let the kids draw pictures in it with their fingers. You can make this more interesting by adding dry tempura paint powder and calling it bee pollen [yellow], fairy dust, or something else creative).
We also learned about our sense of smell, charting which smells different class members liked.

We used Jello to create "scratch and sniff" pictures. Although the smell didn't last long enough to show our moms and was sure fun for us! (Moms - try using different objects for paintbrushes. Today we used Q-tips! Talk about easy clean up ;)

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