Saturday, December 5, 2009

November in Review

November was the perfect month to talk about fall. We learned about how fall is kind of funny. Sometimes it warm, sometimes it's cold. We went on nature walks and looked for signs of fall, gathering leaves for counting and sorting. Did you realize even your preschoolers can start picking up on math concepts if presented correctly? One activity we did included putting small numbers on paper plates (1-5) and letting the kids put the correct number of leaves on the plates. We also talked about Thanksgiving and the things we are grateful for. The apple turkeys were a huge hit. We also made turkeys from handprints and indian headbands while talking about the first Thanksgiving Dinner. We even did our very own "parachute pow-wow" in honor of the first celebration. The kids love moving to different types of music and the indian drum beat was especially fun.

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